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#318: Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - Season 2

February 28, 2021

This episode marks the momentous return the long running "Jurassic Arc" to IPC! The second season of the hit animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous has premiered on Netflix, and Zac and Ben have assembled a crack team of Jurassic fanboys to discuss it. The guests include writer Steven Shinder, YouTubers Chris "Starrapter" Abbott and Dan Grievous, and longtime friend Armando D'Ercole. Together they embark on a 3+ hour podcasting journey discussing various aspects of Camp Cretaceous, including some thoughts on the first season, their initial impressions of season two, all the new dinosaurs that were featured, and what their hopes are for future seasons. They share their opinions regarding the villains, the logistics of the watering hole, and the evolution of the characters. They even have a debate about binging versus week-to-week watching of streaming shows. Listen for all of that and much more!


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