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#317: Deep Thoughts & Quicksilver

February 13, 2021

On this unusual episode Zac and Ben geek out and provide their instant reactions to a huge new cameo in WandaVision. They debate about what exactly is happening in the series and how this development will impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward. Later Ben and Zac have deep thoughts about various topics, discussing what's been going on in their personal lives, their thoughts on the history we've all been living through recently, and they also make an important announcement above the future of IPC. They also discuss some of the latest nerdy news, including the new trailer for Superman & Lois, and they even give each other some impromptu top five list prompts, discussing their top five favorite ice cream flavors and much more. They also take some time to remember the legendary Christopher Plumber who recently passed away. Listen for all that and more!

WandaVision Spoilers: 0:06:30 - 0:24:55


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