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#312: The Mandalorian: Chapter 16 - The Rescue

December 22, 2020
For their final episode of 2020, Zac and Ben are joined by longtime friend Shawn Geroux of Fandom Empire to break down The Mandalorian season two finale episode "Chapter 16: The Rescue" and all it entailed. They discuss the Dark Troopers, the Darksaber's legacy, Din and Moff Gideon's epic clash, the reveal of The Book Of Boba Fett, and, of course, that unexpected cameo. They also speculate about the apparent departure of a beloved cast member and what it could mean for the series going forward. Furthermore, the guys share their thoughts on the future of Star Wars on Disney+ and how they believe these series will mesh together in the upcoming crossovers. Listen for all of that and much more!

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