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#290: Atlantis: The Lost Empire | The IPC Podcast LIVE

July 4, 2020

On this episode Jake, Ben and Zac are joined in-studio by one of their best and oldest friends, Mondo! They continue their foray into "Underrated Disney Classics" by discussing 2001's box office disappointment turned cult classic, Atlantis: The Lost Empire! While some share their 19 year old nostalgic feelings on the film, others break down their brand new first impressions of the film. They discuss the film's amazing visuals, its characters, story, score, and even the star studded cast that brought it all to life. They share their best and worst moments all while the typical shenanigans ensue. Later they debate about Atlantean food on #BBQWatch and announce the return of a IPC spin-off show! Listen for all that and much more.


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