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#287: #BlackLivesMatter & Justice League | The IPC Podcast LIVE

June 11, 2020

On this incredibly consequential episode of IPC, Jake, Zac and Ben get together discuss a topic that is of the utmost importance and sensitivity. They begin the show by talking about the recent murder of George Floyd and the rampant police brutality that kicked off massive protests across the globe. They share their thoughts and feelings about the various issues and voice their support for all those fighting for change in the Black Lives Matter movement. And for a more somber edition of #BBQWatch the guys pay their respects David “BBQ Man” Mcatee and bring attention to his unfortunate and needless death. In the second half of the show they continue with their normal discussion topic, picking up their long running Superman-theme with a revisited review of Justice League. In the wake of the huge Snyder Cut news they share their thoughts on the theatrical version and its many pluses and minuses. The debate what they loved and hated about it, as well as how it holds up with the hindsight of more recent DC films. Listen for all of that and more!


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