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#208: Unplugged: Questions, & Tangents, & Shakespeare, Oh My! | The IPC Podcast LIVE

September 29, 2018

This time around Dominic Jones returns to assist Ben and Zac on another wild and wacky "unplugged" episode. They first dive into a massive collection of listener submitted questions for a special "AMA" segment, and later they bring back the game "1-2-3", list off their top five Star Wars characters, and begin to close it out with a special Shakespearean edition of the Quote Of The Night. Furthermore, they touch on some of the latest and greatest news, including new trailers for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Daredevil: Season 3, Kathleen Kennedy's continued tenure as president of Lucasfilm, and much more. Be sure to listen for all that and a bit more!


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