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#207: OUR Top Five John Williams Tracks (feat. Sci-Fi Symphony) | The IPC Podcast LIVE

September 22, 2018

On this spectacular episode, Zac and Ben are once again joined by Dominic Jones to continue the previous Top Five discussion, this time revealing their own favorite John Williams tracks, all while channeling IPC's sister program Sci-Fi Symphony. The guys take to listing off each of their top five picks and giving a listen to every single one. They also reveal the top rated John Williams tune from last week's episode, as chosen by you the listeners, and go on to hear from the man himself for the Quote of the Night. Furthermore, they take some time to discuss the newly released trailer for Captain Marvel and speculate how Carol Danvers, the Kree and the Skrulls will effect the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward. Listen for all that and more!



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