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#232: Top Five Songs We Always Jam Out To | The IPC Podcast LIVE

#232: Top Five Songs We Always Jam Out To | The IPC Podcast LIVE

April 7, 2019

On this episode Zac and Ben present one of their monthly listener-favorite Top Five episodes. On this one they ask the question; "What are your top five songs that you always jam out to?", and you, the audience, responded loudly. The guys read off everyone's submissions live, then take some time to share their own lists in a completely different format. Ben and Zac go old school with many of their selections, and go on more than a few tangents, discovering new songs, and give a shoutout to a band a curiously familiar name. In addition, they discuss the news that a legendary Star Wars actor is voicing an iconic horror character. Listen for all that and much more!

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